Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration, Polyvore Creation! {1}

This is my first post on Pinterest Inspiration! Polyvore Creation! (or PIPC, for short)! :) 
Now you probably are all wondering, "what is she talking about?" I think I better explain. I have a very big obsession with Polyvore and Pinterest -which sometimes isn't a bad thing - and use them when I am in need to find motivation for new ways to dress up old boring outfits! 
Now I know that all of us have perfect fashion sense and don't have any problems when it comes to style. Ha! If you could only see how much trouble I make when endeavoring to create a new fresh take on style! 
Anyway... I wanted to share a Polyvore creation I have made or a Pinterest inspiration picture once a week to show you what helps me when I am stuck in a rut about what to wear, or what garment to pair up with another garment.

Today's inspiration is from my Polyvore page and I had so much fun creating it! Can you tell I am really in the mood for spring? Haha!

Okay, so normally I don't put patterns together, but the polka dots and stripes are really starting to grow on me! A dotted clutch and a striped tank add so much dimension to the outfit. I love bright warm colors for spring, so hot pink and sunshine yellow are no exception! The always steadfast Mary Jane is perfect to add some cuteness, but yet still help the outfit maintain a sophisticated look!
I love blazers and they help dress up an outfit so much! I would definitely recommend having a couple in your wardrobe in case you need to ever present a clean, stylish appearance! They are so preppy and can certainly go either way whether it be casual or formal! Now, these bubble necklaces are really making a statement in the fashion community, and I wasn't too sure about them when they first appeared, but I am finding myself searching to own one before the season is out! Hopefully, I'll obtain one before they fade into the background!

Hope you enjoyed my PIPC moment and I am looking forward to sharing more fashion with you all! What Pinterest or Polyvore creations have inspired your look?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday's Outfit: Blazers and Floral Shirts

Good morning all! I trust you had a fabulous Sunday yesterday! I immensely enjoy spending time fellowshipping with like-minded believers in the house of God! Such a refreshing and edifying time! Yesterday's sermon was very good about explaining the deteriorating time of an actual message preacched within the church. So many Christians today want shorter sermons so they don't have to sit there for a long period of time, but because of the decreasing interest, many believers are unknowingly hindering themselves from growing spiritually. So sad to see that today. I love long sermons because I feel satisfied when I leave, like I have experienced a full meal rather than a 15 minute fast food run. After church my grandparents and I had a lovely lunch outing complete with good food! :)

Blazer: Apostrophe (second hand store)
Shirt: The Limited (thrifted-$1.50)
Skirt: No brand (thrifted-$4.99)
Boots: JC Penny (gift)
Necklace: Boscov's (gift)

I was so excited to find this shirt at Goodwill for 50% off! Such a good find and was the perfect companion for my blazer and skirt! The boots were given to me as a "departing gift" when I left my home to come here for the time being, and the necklace is from my grandma when she and I were out shopping at the mall, and we found the jewelry clearance section in the store.

How was your Sunday? What do you think about longer or shorter sermons in the morning worship service?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Springtime Blue

Hello lovely ladies! I hope all of you are having a fantastic week thus far! I myself have been doing very well, overall, and have had so much happen just within the past several months. For those of you who haven't heard, I was (very willingly) shipped some way across the USA to stay with my wonderful grandparents for a month or so (which basically turned into several). :) I am enjoying helping them and I am learning so much just from the time spent here! It has been such a blessing to meet new people and form friendships with them over the past several months, and I don't know how I am going to be able to leave them in a few months!

Well, I think winter is finally behind us now and we are enjoying the warmer weather. Thank goodness! This sweater is one of my favorites and it is so versatile! Comfy, but yet stylish, and it's such a pretty blue! Puts me in the mood for springtime soon! Hopefully, it's just around the corner! I love the winter and snow, but I am in looking forward to a new season. I decided to wear leggings today because even though it is warm here, there is still a little nip in the air! The preliminary signs of spring I hope? I have been in love with leggings all winter and they are such a great staple for any winter wardrobe. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have worn them during the long cold days, but hopefully the time is closely drawing near so that I will have to stow them away until next winter! :)

 Sweater: Gap (second hand store)
Skirt: (second hand store)
Leggings: Danskin Now (second hand store)
Boots: Bandolino (handmedown from my sister)
Necklace: The Christmas Tree Shop ($5)

Well, that's all for now! What are your favorite articles of clothing for spring? Do you have any special sweater that reminds you of spring?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who Is Ready For Fall?

Who is ready for fall? I know I am! Bring on the colored leaves, spiced cider, and homemade pumpkin pie!
The best place I find my inspiration is on this little-known website called... get ready for it... Pinterest!! :)
Has anyone else here been sucked into the absobloominglutely wonderful world of Pinterest? ;)
Here are a few photos that I really enjoyed and wanted to share with you:

Wooden bridges leading into colorful leaf-laden paths...

Tree lined dirt roads winding down alongside rustic wooden fences...

Pumpkins mean pumpkin pie! By the way, love the vintage blue farm truck! :)

You know what else autumn means for the wardrobe?
Chunky scarves!! :)
Love these things! They are so comfy and cute! Super easy to dress up an outfit no matter what the occasion is.
Another awesome fall wardrobe accessory that is a must-have is the floor-length skirt. Enter the maxi skirt. Now these skirts are practical, stylish, and, modest! Don't you love the chevron pattern with the mustard yellow? A favorite combination!
Okay, now I am a sucker for super long skirts -especially love when they are dragging the floor -and this one is no exception! ;) And it's jean!
Nothing says autumn like a plaid skirt! Warm and cozy, perfect for any event! Put with a belt and a sweater with it, and voila!
Tweed: the elegant and vintage inspired fabric designed for stylish clothing! This skirt style is flattering on the hips and flared at the bottom to give a more feminine touch. Very pretty!
And last, but not least, my favorite picture! Tweed coat, beret, argyle sweater, green scarf, long skirt - all say fall! I really like this look! Oh, and the bike is cute, too! ;)

And there you have it! My favorite inspirations for the upcoming season! What fall style are you currently working on? Have any stylish Pinterest ideas? Would love to hear all about them! 

Until next time,

Friday, September 6, 2013

And We Are Back Up And Running!

Hello young ladies! I am finally back!
 Thank you so much for your wonderful patience and not giving up on me after I closed my blog for a while!
But yes, I am back and plan to be more faithful this time.

I started Modestly Stylish about a year ago, but didn't do much with it. After several months of floundering around trying to write posts, I sort of gave up and decided I needed to step back and regroup. 
I needed a new focus and had to ask myself what Modestly Stylish's purpose really was. What was I trying to accomplish through this? Duh! Modest clothing. 

But wait.

We know that there was more to modesty than just fashion. As Christian ladies we are striving to glorify God in all that we do, including our attire, but what about our actions, thoughts, and intentions?
I had to step back and think about that one for a while.

So, after seeking help from God I decided to restart my blog on a broader scale and focus more on modesty as a whole, not just in clothing. And I really am looking forward to more interaction with my lovely followers and want to hear what you think how God defines modesty.

So, without further ado, I proclaim Modestly Stylish as active and am very excited to see what God will do with this blog within the next year! Hoping you all are having a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!

*All picture sources are from Google and Pinterest

Saturday, August 10, 2013

In Which My Sister Sneaks Into My Account

And wishes Beth Grace a very happy birthday, indeed!

Yes, it is true. The lovely bloggeress is now 21 years of age. That's pretty old, considering I'm a year younger than she is. And one day. But we needn't go into particulars about me. This is Beth's special day. And I hope everything about it is very grand.

And I, Kiri Liz, her wonderful sister, am hacking her blog account to publicly wish her a fantastic birthday, just because she's that kind of sister that deserves such a public congratulations and greeting and everything else that goes with birthdays.

I love you, Beth! Have an absobloominglutely swell day!! Well, your whole family loves you, but nobody knows yet that I'm hacking your blog. They'll just tell you in person. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thank You For Your Patience

This blog is temporarily under construction for the time being and I appreciate the patience of all you lovely ladies. I wanted to reconstruct and create a different focus for this little corner in the big world of blogging, so I am in the middle of redoing everything and have hopes of starting it up again soon. Thanks!