Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration, Polyvore Creation! {1}

This is my first post on Pinterest Inspiration! Polyvore Creation! (or PIPC, for short)! :) 
Now you probably are all wondering, "what is she talking about?" I think I better explain. I have a very big obsession with Polyvore and Pinterest -which sometimes isn't a bad thing - and use them when I am in need to find motivation for new ways to dress up old boring outfits! 
Now I know that all of us have perfect fashion sense and don't have any problems when it comes to style. Ha! If you could only see how much trouble I make when endeavoring to create a new fresh take on style! 
Anyway... I wanted to share a Polyvore creation I have made or a Pinterest inspiration picture once a week to show you what helps me when I am stuck in a rut about what to wear, or what garment to pair up with another garment.

Today's inspiration is from my Polyvore page and I had so much fun creating it! Can you tell I am really in the mood for spring? Haha!

Okay, so normally I don't put patterns together, but the polka dots and stripes are really starting to grow on me! A dotted clutch and a striped tank add so much dimension to the outfit. I love bright warm colors for spring, so hot pink and sunshine yellow are no exception! The always steadfast Mary Jane is perfect to add some cuteness, but yet still help the outfit maintain a sophisticated look!
I love blazers and they help dress up an outfit so much! I would definitely recommend having a couple in your wardrobe in case you need to ever present a clean, stylish appearance! They are so preppy and can certainly go either way whether it be casual or formal! Now, these bubble necklaces are really making a statement in the fashion community, and I wasn't too sure about them when they first appeared, but I am finding myself searching to own one before the season is out! Hopefully, I'll obtain one before they fade into the background!

Hope you enjoyed my PIPC moment and I am looking forward to sharing more fashion with you all! What Pinterest or Polyvore creations have inspired your look?

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