Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday's Outfit: Blazers and Floral Shirts

Good morning all! I trust you had a fabulous Sunday yesterday! I immensely enjoy spending time fellowshipping with like-minded believers in the house of God! Such a refreshing and edifying time! Yesterday's sermon was very good about explaining the deteriorating time of an actual message preacched within the church. So many Christians today want shorter sermons so they don't have to sit there for a long period of time, but because of the decreasing interest, many believers are unknowingly hindering themselves from growing spiritually. So sad to see that today. I love long sermons because I feel satisfied when I leave, like I have experienced a full meal rather than a 15 minute fast food run. After church my grandparents and I had a lovely lunch outing complete with good food! :)

Blazer: Apostrophe (second hand store)
Shirt: The Limited (thrifted-$1.50)
Skirt: No brand (thrifted-$4.99)
Boots: JC Penny (gift)
Necklace: Boscov's (gift)

I was so excited to find this shirt at Goodwill for 50% off! Such a good find and was the perfect companion for my blazer and skirt! The boots were given to me as a "departing gift" when I left my home to come here for the time being, and the necklace is from my grandma when she and I were out shopping at the mall, and we found the jewelry clearance section in the store.

How was your Sunday? What do you think about longer or shorter sermons in the morning worship service?

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  1. What a cute and fashionable outfit! I love floral prints of all kinds. You did a great job creating this outfit, everything goes together well, but isn't too matchy-matchy. By the way, your hair is gorgeous! Keep up the good work :)
    Love From,


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