Saturday, August 10, 2013

In Which My Sister Sneaks Into My Account

And wishes Beth Grace a very happy birthday, indeed!

Yes, it is true. The lovely bloggeress is now 21 years of age. That's pretty old, considering I'm a year younger than she is. And one day. But we needn't go into particulars about me. This is Beth's special day. And I hope everything about it is very grand.

And I, Kiri Liz, her wonderful sister, am hacking her blog account to publicly wish her a fantastic birthday, just because she's that kind of sister that deserves such a public congratulations and greeting and everything else that goes with birthdays.

I love you, Beth! Have an absobloominglutely swell day!! Well, your whole family loves you, but nobody knows yet that I'm hacking your blog. They'll just tell you in person. :)


  1. How epic! Happy Birthday, Beth! :)


    Hope it was an absobloominglutely swell day!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Beth Grace!!!!!!!

    I'm very sorry this greeting is so late, but I hope you had a WONDERFUL day!!!


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